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Here are some words our clients have passed on to us about our Restrictive Covenants legal advice...

'I really appreciated the help and advice I received from Derrick at I felt as though I could relax and let Derrick sort out the ramifications of covenants attached to a house we wanted to buy. He did this in an efficient, thorough and very pleasant manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend that if you have any concerns about covenants, ask Derrick to act for you.'
H.G., Somerset.

'I wanted to say thank you very much to Derrick Robson for dealing with my request re: restrictive covenants on a piece of land near our house.
I would like to say thank you for phoning me and taking the time out to read the relevant documents.
Your company are so efficient, reliable and professional.
You have been extremely helpful and your help has been really appreciated.
Thank you so much for all your help on this matter.'
Julie C.

'Thank you for your interest in this matter and for your helpful advice on the telephone'
Chris. A.

'Thank you so much for taking ten minutes out of your time to talk to me today. Your advice was appreciated and extremely informative. I now have a much clearer understanding of what is involved in the covenants discussed. I am now prepared more aptly to discuss the matter further with my own solicitor and with the vendors.'
Jamie. B.

'Just a short email to say that I really appreciated the call from one of the solicitors. I do not recall the gentlemans name but he was most helpful and informative, putting my mind at rest immediately. If the issue requires further action, I would not hestitate in calling you back.'
Mel T.

'I found your service very quick and helpful in resolving a restrictive covenant about whether I was allowed to keep a dog or and cat. or whether I could have two dogs and a cat. The different ways the covernant could be interpreted was explained along with the requirement of the management company to act in a reasonable way.
I would recommend to people who need help sorting out these concerning and complex issues.'
Andrew D.

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