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As experienced solicitors we are well aware that some transactions are by their very nature more straightforward than others.

By way of example the sale of freehold detached and semi detached houses are usually less complex as the entire building is usually under the ownership and control of the seller. By way of contrast residential flats which form only part of a building can frequently give rise to queries especially in relation to :

  1. maintenance, repair and renewal of the main structure,
  2. ownership of windows and other part of the flat,
  3. use of common parts such as entrance ways, gardens and communal facilities such as heating systems etc.
  4. maintenance or management companies'
  5. the level of management costs'
  6. insurance difficulties'
  7. the use of individual flats.

We frequently find that there are disputed accounts for maintenance undertaken by Management Companies. It is also quite common to find that the Management Company set up when the flats were developed is no longer functioning correctly or may have been struck off by Companies House.

We see flats in popular locations being let from week to week contrary to the terms of the Lease under which they are held. Occasionally we come across freehold flats, the legal arrangements of which have been set up since the 1950's. Such arrangements are undesirable as covenants for the upkeep of the building may be unenforceable. It is also the case that freehold flats are usually unacceptable to most mortgage lenders.

Dealing correctly and safely with the purchase of a residential flat requires considerable knowledge, experience and attention to detail and it is not work that you should entrust to anyone who is without these qualities.

If you have any queries concerning a flat problem that you already own or wish to sell we will be happy to assist you.

If you are intending to purchase a flat, we will be able to assist you and ensure that any questions that you have are answered.

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