Let us check your restrictive covenants

If you have a concern in relation to the restrictive covenants affecting your property we can undertake a short initial assessment to assist you in your forward planning.

This initial assessment is designed to indicate to you if the covenants in question remain valid and how much notice you need to take of them. If appropriate we will include an outline of the course or courses of action which may be available to you going forward.

You will need to email or post to us the document which contains the covenant(s) and details of the works that you are proposing to implement.

When we have this information we can then provide you with indication of cost before you instruct us to proceed with the assessment.

Restrictive CovenantsPlease complete the contact form for a preliminary discussion of the issue. We can often help in a cost effective way. If you would prefer to discuss your restrictive covenant issues with us please leave a brief message and we will get back to you. There will be no charge for this initial discussion.

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