Are the covenants recorded against my property still valid?

This a question commonly asked. If the restrictive covenants have been correctly applied to an area of land then they can remain in force indefinitely and restrict the land owner question. In the same circumstances the neighbouring land owner entitled to the benefit of the covenant will also continue to be able to enforce the covenants. It is our experience that covenants which on the face of the document appear valid may on deeper investigation be found to be invalid or unenforceable. This can occur for a number of technical reasons. It is always worth engaging a lawyer with strong experience in this area to examine and report on the covenants.

In every case we would wish to see the complete document which imposed the covenant and to have details of the background circumstances which led to the imposition of the covenants.

If circumstances have changed substantially since the covenant was imposed then changes in the physical environment may have a bearing on the overall position.

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