Restrictive Covenants

Specialising in Restrictive Covenants on properties in England and Wales.

The law in respect of restrictive covenants can be complex and a matter of mystery to many landowners.

Restrictive Covenants are often imposed by a seller on the land being sold to prevent the buyer from using it in a way which the seller feels could cause harm to land which the seller has retained.

Common Examples of Restrictive Covenants

If properly prepared such restrictions would prevent the buyer and future owners from gaining the full value and potential of the land.

For example a restrictive covenant not to build could on the face of it be effective in preventing an owner from extending an existing house or building another house and deprive the landowner of a significant monetary benefit that would other wise be available if the covenant had not been imposed.

It is quite often the case that restrictive covenants which appear within the legal title of a property are not correctly drawn or similarly they may not be enforceable for other legal or procedural defects in the way they have been created.

We can advise you on the law relating to restrictive covenants and our lawyers are experienced in reading and interpreting such covenants.

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The law in relation to the enforceability of restrictive covenants can be complex so it is well worth taking advice to determine just how effective a restrictive covenant is or whether it is still enforceable.

We have assisted many clients to overcome seemingly insurmountable restrictive covenant issues allowing them to implement their development proposals.

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